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RomFS Homebrew Application for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is already a very good portable gaming console and it is further improved with the use of R4 3DS cards.

R4 3DS cards are a great addition to the Nintendo 3DS because it allows you to do different things with your portable game console

One of the highlights of the R4 3DS cards is the ability to play free downloaded games and the ability to install and run homebrew applications http://www.hoverboardfr.com/produit/hoverboard-noir/.

For those people who are not in the know, homebrew applications are applications that are made by 3rd party developers.

These applications are not licensed by Nintendo but they are usually one of the most useful ones.

Now, if you have a beefy microSD card, chances are, you already have a ton of games and media files on it.

That is good and all but it can be hard to search for the ROM file that you need. That is especially true for most R4 3DS card users because they slap in a 32GB microSD card in their R4 3DS cards in order to fill it up with 3DS games and a whole lot more.

Well, I might just have the right homebrew application to solve all of your problems with regards to many files on your R4 3DS.

The RomFS is a homebrew application that can be installed on your Nintendo 3DS. The most basic feature of the RomFS is that it provides you with a handy list of all of your files in alphabetical order.

This is great as some R4 3DS cards’ storage interface is not in alphabetical order and it is all over the place.

The RomFS is not only limited to making your R4 3DS card’s storage interface neat, however, as it also has amazing features baked into the application as well.

For one, you can mount games using the RomFS and you will be able to play it on your Nintendo 3DS.

Second, you can mount specific games at a time with this homebrew application. What I mean by this is that aside from the fact that you can mount any game you want, you can add extra priority to a specific game.

Third, you can basically look at all of your files on your microSD card. The beauty of this feature is that if you have a lot of folders on your microSD card, it will show the folders first (of course, it will be presented in alphabetical order).

Furthermore, you can copy files to and from different folders so this alleviates the need for a PC to do this kind of stuff.

And lastly, you can dump ROM files directly by using the RomFS. What this feature does for the uninitiated is that this program allows you to dump game files directly from your Nintendo 3DS without ever having the need to use your PC to do such a thing.

The RomFS is easy to install; just download the file from the gbatemp.net and then install it via the homebrew launcher. It only takes a few seconds to install.

If you want a homebrew application that will make the process of handling files with ease directly on your Nintendo 3DS, then the RomFS is a must-have application.