Brief information about r4i cards

The latest r4i cards are creating a great buzz among the game lovers. The Nintendo is most popular for all avid gamers, so they can greatly welcome to this r4i card into the gaming consoles. It allows them to do a plenty of tasks without compromising on their games. The new r4 DSi console is made use for the execution of the various types of video games that could be played in any console. With the help of a Micro SD card, you can store varieties of games, songs or videos in the console. By using this card, you can play videos or songs in your mobile phones.

One of the biggest boons about this r4i card is getting most out of the gaming console. This card is highly compatible with Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite. So, you can play any kind of Nintendo games that are possible with this card. Apart from playing games, this card also helps you to read books, browse via their picture galleries, listen to your favorite songs in MP3 format or watch your favorite movie. Now, there are so many online retailers selling r4i cards, so you can make sure to receive a sturdy as well as reliable card for your usage.

This latest r4i card does not possess the internal memory that needs to buy a Micro SD card; rather, it gives a great option for the users to expand their memory from the range of 2 GB to 32 GB. If you wish accommodates a wide number of games, you can prefer to choose between 16 GB or 32 GB cards for storing your pictures, movies, games, songs and eBooks in the Micro SD card. It also has the capability to access all the above mentioned items related to various categories and play them on your Nintendo DS, DSi, or Lite.

R4i cards- Best cartridges for Nintendo DSI consoles

Basically, the DS and DSi cards are simply referred to as cartridges, which can be specially made to upgrade the user’s experience. The main purpose of DS and DSi cards are allowing to play your favorite Nintendo handheld console with the help of r4 cards. It will easily convert the DSi and DS consoles into specific cool MP3 players or video players and even as a web browser along with playing your regular games. Recently, this card has introduced with a high memory capacity of 32 GB to store the number of games. Indeed, it is also great for you to carry the games along with you wherever you go.

Choose the perfect r4i card for your game play

The new version of r4i card was manufactured precisely to serve the Nintendo DSi.

There are numerous different versions available in the r4 cards, so you have to be very careful in your selection of cards and then enjoy your game play.

The original r4 cards for Nintendo DS are operated successfully without any glitches and also widely available on the market in these days.