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Brief information about r4i cards

The latest r4i cards are creating a great buzz among the game lovers. The Nintendo is most popular for all avid gamers, so they can greatly welcome to this r4i card into the gaming consoles. It allows them to do a plenty of tasks without compromising on their games. The new r4 DSi console is made use for the execution of the various types of video games that could be played in any console. With the help of a Micro SD card, you can store varieties of games, songs or videos in the console. By using this card, you can play videos or songs in your mobile phones.

One of the biggest boons about this r4i card is getting most out of the gaming console. This card is highly compatible with Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite. So, you can play any kind of Nintendo games that are possible with this card. Apart from playing games, this card also helps you to read books, browse via their picture galleries, listen to your favorite songs in MP3 format or watch your favorite movie. Now, there are so many online retailers selling r4i cards, so you can make sure to receive a sturdy as well as reliable card for your usage.

This latest r4i card does not possess the internal memory that needs to buy a Micro SD card; rather, it gives a great option for the users to expand their memory from the range of 2 GB to 32 GB. If you wish accommodates a wide number of games, you can prefer to choose between 16 GB or 32 GB cards for storing your pictures, movies, games, songs and eBooks in the Micro SD card. It also has the capability to access all the above mentioned items related to various categories and play them on your Nintendo DS, DSi, or Lite.

R4i cards- Best cartridges for Nintendo DSI consoles

Basically, the DS and DSi cards are simply referred to as cartridges, which can be specially made to upgrade the user’s experience. The main purpose of DS and DSi cards are allowing to play your favorite Nintendo handheld console with the help of r4 cards. It will easily convert the DSi and DS consoles into specific cool MP3 players or video players and even as a web browser along with playing your regular games. Recently, this card has introduced with a high memory capacity of 32 GB to store the number of games. Indeed, it is also great for you to carry the games along with you wherever you go.

Choose the perfect r4i card for your game play

The new version of r4i card was manufactured precisely to serve the Nintendo DSi.

There are numerous different versions available in the r4 cards, so you have to be very careful in your selection of cards and then enjoy your game play.

The original r4 cards for Nintendo DS are operated successfully without any glitches and also widely available on the market in these days.

Suikoden Game for the Playstation One Game Console

Back in the early days of the Playstation One (otherwise known as the “PSX”), Final Fantasy reigned supreme in the RPG niche.

But, since I am an RPG fanatic, I always make it a point to try out other RPG titles as playing only Final Fantasy games is quite boring in the long run.

Then, I came across one game that instantly turned me into a fan. This game is none other than Suikoden.

Suikoden is a popular game that has spawned many sequels. In fact, Suikoden 2, I think, is one of the best RPG games of all time.

Today, I am going to talk about the very first installment. This game was released back in 1995 for Playstation Japan and then, it was later ported to North America.

The story revolves around an unnamed hero (but fans call him “Tyr”). Tyr is the son of a great general of the Scarlet Moon empire. His name is Teo McDohl.

One day, Teo was sent on a mission to fight a battle in the Northlands. He leaves Tyr in the hands of some family friends.

The one who took care of him is Gremio, and he has a pivotal role later in the game. Anyway, as Tyr was growing up, he learned that he lives in an empire where people are unhappy and some are enslaved.

With the help of his best friend, Ted, the two of them went to the cave where the Soul Eater rune is. The Soul Eater rune is one of the original 27 True Runes and it holds immense power. But, along with its great power comes sacrifice as anyone who uses it will have his life force drained.

After successfully acquiring the Soul Eater Rune, the Scarlet Moon Empire took notice and they want to use Tyr to turn the tide of battle.

Tyr refused and fled the capital city, Gregminster. After fleeing the capital, he met up with some resistance forces.

One faithful night, the forces of the Scarlet Moon Empire ravaged the Rebel’s stronghold, killing their leader in the process.

After fleeing the scene, Tyr is committed to continuing the rebel leader’s plan and recruit as many rebels as possible to create a sizable army that can take on the empire.

This game is a turn-based RPG title and it has some really cool and unique gameplay elements to it.

Suikoden is a unique game because it allows you to bring 5 other characters with you in battle. Furthermore, aside from individually assigning specific tasks to any character in a given battle, there is an “auto” option where the AI will do everything for you.

This is convenient as it will save you a lot of time, especially when you’re going to grind for some levels.

Also, there is a total of 107 characters you need to recruit and by doing so, you will unlock the best ending of the game.

Runes are an integral part of the game as it is the source of your character’s magic. Each of the 108 characters in the game can equip one rune; with the exception of Tyr as he already has the Soul Eater rune.

Suikoden is one of those RPG games that has a really compelling story. If you are an RPG fanatic, then I highly recommend this RPG game. I promise you, this game is worth your time.

Suikoden is available on the PSX game console.

RomFS Homebrew Application for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is already a very good portable gaming console and it is further improved with the use of R4 3DS cards.

R4 3DS cards are a great addition to the Nintendo 3DS because it allows you to do different things with your portable game console

One of the highlights of the R4 3DS cards is the ability to play free downloaded games and the ability to install and run homebrew applications

For those people who are not in the know, homebrew applications are applications that are made by 3rd party developers.

These applications are not licensed by Nintendo but they are usually one of the most useful ones.

Now, if you have a beefy microSD card, chances are, you already have a ton of games and media files on it.

That is good and all but it can be hard to search for the ROM file that you need. That is especially true for most R4 3DS card users because they slap in a 32GB microSD card in their R4 3DS cards in order to fill it up with 3DS games and a whole lot more.

Well, I might just have the right homebrew application to solve all of your problems with regards to many files on your R4 3DS.

The RomFS is a homebrew application that can be installed on your Nintendo 3DS. The most basic feature of the RomFS is that it provides you with a handy list of all of your files in alphabetical order.

This is great as some R4 3DS cards’ storage interface is not in alphabetical order and it is all over the place.

The RomFS is not only limited to making your R4 3DS card’s storage interface neat, however, as it also has amazing features baked into the application as well.

For one, you can mount games using the RomFS and you will be able to play it on your Nintendo 3DS.

Second, you can mount specific games at a time with this homebrew application. What I mean by this is that aside from the fact that you can mount any game you want, you can add extra priority to a specific game.

Third, you can basically look at all of your files on your microSD card. The beauty of this feature is that if you have a lot of folders on your microSD card, it will show the folders first (of course, it will be presented in alphabetical order).

Furthermore, you can copy files to and from different folders so this alleviates the need for a PC to do this kind of stuff.

And lastly, you can dump ROM files directly by using the RomFS. What this feature does for the uninitiated is that this program allows you to dump game files directly from your Nintendo 3DS without ever having the need to use your PC to do such a thing.

The RomFS is easy to install; just download the file from the and then install it via the homebrew launcher. It only takes a few seconds to install.

If you want a homebrew application that will make the process of handling files with ease directly on your Nintendo 3DS, then the RomFS is a must-have application.