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Redditch Ladies Team on a Lookout for Touch Rugby Enthusiasts

Touch rugby is a popular game and the Redditch ladies team is looking out for some new people to join the league. Touch rugby, which is a derivative game of rugby football, is a game where players play against their opponents by touching them on their hands or body.

This sport is generally played to train people for rugby, but now has become quite a popular game in itself. It is quite different from the original form of the game and hence, the rules and regulations are also different. It is also easier than the original game and can be learnt by anyone during training.

The training sessions include a lot of fitness activities as the game involves a lot of physical movement. Hence, it will prove to be good for fitness freaks or people who like to be physically fit and active. Redditch Club is a big organisation, which has cricket and hockey teams as well.

The team is looking out for women between 13 to 50 years of age who would be interested in training themselves in this sport. Founded by Carol Hebden and Gabby Hemming, this team came into action in September 2010 with a small group of five.

Currently, this team has 20 players and Carol is the captain of the team. The team is now four seasons old and is called Queenfishers or Queens. It comes under the Midlands Touch League, which has 11 more teams.

Other teams, which fall under the Midlands Touch League, are Pershore, Stratford, Rugby St Andrew’s, Ross-on-Wve (which has two teams), Sutton Coldfield, Hereford, Bromyard, Camp Hill, Wellesbourne and Cannock. There is a rule that a club, similar to Ross-on-Wve, which have two teams can only win medals in the tournaments or get positions, but they cannot win league points.

The current position of the Queenfishers is sixth. However, under the supervision of their coach Mr. Garry Mills they are aspiring to get to the fourth position by this season. The schedule of the season states that 10 tournaments begin by the month of February and go on until November. All these 10 tournaments generally take place on Sundays. There are points that each team gets in the tournament, and they are added to determine the final position of the teams.

This is a very healthy game to keep up the sportsman spirit alive in you. Women can play this game to be physically and socially active. Women who have ever been into sports, but haven’t been able to actively pursue them can definitely give touch rugby a try.

Redditch ladies team have their training sessions all year round, and on Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. If you think that this can be your sport too, then you should not give this one a miss. Visit them at their club, which is located on Bromsgrove Road. You can also call them on 01527 62807. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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